How to setup goals in Analytics?

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To set up goals in Google Analytics, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and choose the website property for which you want to create goals.

2. In the left-hand menu, navigate to “Admin” (the gear icon at the bottom).

3. In the “View” column, click on “Goals.”

4. Click the “+ New Goal” button.

5. You can either use a goal template or create a custom goal. For this example, let’s assume you are creating a custom goal. Select “Custom” and click “Continue.”

6. Assign your goal a name that reflects its objective (e.g., “Newsletter Signups”).

7. Choose your goal type:
– Destination: If you want to track when users reach a specific page (e.g., a thank-you page after signing up for a newsletter).
– Duration: If you want to track when users spend a certain amount of time on your website.
– Pages/Screens per session: If you want to track user engagement by measuring the number of pages visited per session.
– Event: If you want to track specific actions taken by users, such as button clicks or video plays.

8. Click “Continue.”

9. Based on the goal type chosen in step 7, configure the required settings:
– For Destination, enter the desired URL.
– For Duration, enter the minimum time threshold.
– For Pages/Screens per session, enter the minimum number of pages/screens.
– For Event, configure the Category, Action, Label, and Value dimensions as needed.

10. Optionally, set up a goal funnel if your goal involves multiple steps for users to complete (e.g., an e-commerce checkout process). This will help you analyze drop-offs and improve user flow.

11. Click on “Verify this Goal” to check its accuracy with historical data.

12. Once you’re satisfied with the goal settings, click “Save.”

It may take up to 24 hours for data to start appearing in your Google Analytics account. Once it does, you’ll have valuable insights into your website’s user behavior and be able to refine your marketing strategies accordingly.

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